Peg and Eric

About Maggie Spike

Maggie Spike, Maggie & Eric Gernerd, are a husband and wife singer-songwriter duo from rural eastern Pennsylvania. Known for their "mixed bag" of folk originals, they are not an easy band to label. Both Maggie’s and Eric’s song writing styles combine folk/rock, jazz, acoustic pop, Celtic, psychedelic, reggae, americana, and world rhythm influences. Their music takes you to a place where melody, rhythm, harmony and insightful lyrics create a sound that is easily accessible and highly entertaining.

After spending 6 years as the principal song writers in the acoustic world fusion band Fieldstone, the spring of 2005 marked the release of Maggie Spike’s first album, "Passenger Station." They continued on with their multi-style approach to song writing releasing the album "Sol Paradise" in the summer of 2009. Produced by Eric, "Sol Paradise" brought together the many musical influences that helped shape their diverse writing styles into a cohesive and easily accessible sound. To date, both albums have garnered air play on Women of Substance Radio, WDIY-FM, WXLV-FM, WPAZ-AM, and WEEU-AM radio. "Sol Paradise" is currently being distributed world-wide through Canadian American Records.

Maggie’s voice, as sweet as it is strong, brings a sense of urgency with a touch of innocence to their music. Her soulful, lyrical sensibilities are wonderfully complemented by Eric’s versatile and confident producing and song writing skills. Maggie Spike perform their self-penned songs with earnest passionate appeal.

"Why do we do what we do? To us song writing and performing are endless sources of inspiration. We enjoy the experience of sharing our songs with others in an entertaining and meaningful way. We wish to honor the creative forces that propel us and give us focus. It’s such an amazing journey we’re all on."

"We go where the music takes us!"

Miss Maggie's Presentations

Miss Maggie is currently promoting three themed shows & will present a new show this summer for the 2011 Library Summer Reading Program. She is accepting bookings at elementary schools, pre-schools, daycares, YMCA’s, community events, festivals & private parties. See